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Protecting Our Pollinators at Louma Farm
5 Apr 2024
Protecting Our Pollinators

We are dedicated to helping bee populations to flourish. This vital work includes installing a range of hives that attract colonies to move in, monitoring colony health, and establishing the habitats they need to thrive.

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Our Light Sussex hens on a snowy day
22 Mar 2024
Spring Grazing

The awakening of spring may seem like a gentle period, but much is afoot on our farm at Louma. The animals are busy bringing new life into the world and our farmers, sewing new seeds for the season ahead.

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27 Feb 2024
The Lifesource of Louma

Water is integral to everything we do at Louma, feeding our ponds, animals, gardens, buildings, and us. This vital system is maintained by our Head of Grounds, Joe Leighton.

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bee pollination and restoring woodland
16 Feb 2024
Restoring Our Woodland

Follow our Victorian woodland, Spence Plantation, and its journey from the dense undergrowth of invasive species to a thriving and diverse habitat for all the enjoy.

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View of the Louma Vineyard from Above_ dorset
9 Feb 2024
Stone Age to the Norman Conquest

Discover the deep history of our West Dorset, from the time of the building of Stone Henge, to the Norman Conquest that shaped England.

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David Saltmarsh and Adam Hawker building our Woodland Walk amongst the bluebells
26 Jan 2024
Development of Louma – Part 2: Cultivating Community

Follow the journey of Spence Farm, from a 30 acre vineyard, surrounded by pasture to a diverse and sumptuous family retreat, cultivated from a communal love of the land.

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Louma Building our entrance track
12 Jan 2024
Development of Louma – Part 1: Learning the Land

When Louma’s founders discovered Spence Farm, they saw that it was a magical place to be enjoyed by many. Follow the development of Louma to a diverse and sumptuous family retreat.

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