Louma Farm buidling and landscape

Farm to Fork

Embracing the seasonal rhythms of our land, we cultivate a commitment to regenerative farming practices and our farm-to-fork experience is much more than a culinary journey.
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Our Fruits and Vegetables

Our gardens fulfil several purposes, which allow diversity to thrive and abundance to grow. Our food production gardens include a ½ acre formal kitchen garden, a stunning timber-frame glasshouse, a terraced herb and cut flower garden and a poly tunnel for season extension.

All are cultivated with care, using regenerative practices that prioritise soil health and bio diversity above all else. Grown in collaboration with our chefs, our gardens are abundant with varieties, some of which you may have never seen before, but all will offer an incredible diversity of flavour. Designed with people in mind, our gardens are there to be enjoyed by all, whether that be the enjoyment of its bounty or of its beauty.

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Our Meat, Eggs and Dairy

Our lamb, hogget, pork, beef, chicken, eggs and dairy are produced on our farm or are sourced locally. Our Poll Dorset ewes lamb with ease at any time of year, producing a lean and delicious lamb or hogget, and our West-Country pigs produce succulent pork that is only improved by a diet of highly nutritious turnips, kale, mustard, vetches, and homegrown apples. Our native breed cows produce richly marbled and flavoursome beef, as well as plentiful milk for making our own butter, cheese, yoghurt and kefir. Our free-range hens are impeccable layers, each producing 240-260 eggs a year with buttery, vibrantly-hued yolks.

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