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The Cow Barn

Move with intention in our guided yoga and pilates classes at The Cow Barn, with breathtaking views of the vineyard and sea beyond. Enhance your well-being through rejuvenating practices that harmonise mind, body and nature.
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We practice two styles of yoga at Louma: Vinyasa and Hatha. Our experienced teacher, Pip Scammell, will guide you throughout, offering a variety of poses to suit your ability.

Vinyasa Yoga enables you to experience the flow of your body’s energy and breath as you follow an ancient and dynamic sequence of poses. A gentle yet powerful practice, it releases mental, emotional and physical tension.

Hatha Yoga is a slower restorative practice, resetting your equilibrium through a combination of yoga breathing, postures, meditation and rest.

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Our mixed ability mat based Pilates classes offer a balanced session for both mental and physical conditioning. The flowing and dynamic classes incorporating essential oils will improve your strength, flexibility, postural alignment and coordination as well as helping to reduce stress and improve focus through a mind body connection. Working with small equipment props such as weights, foam rollers and Pilates’ balls ensures exercises can be adapted to any ability ability.

Our instructor,  Cat is absolutely passionate about the benefits of Pilates, having had a long career in Interior Design her spacial eye ensures that classes include a hyper focus on alignment and fostering the correct technique.


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