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For the Mind

Take time to Just Be. At Louma we want to celebrate all things that make us unique. We have carefully curated opportunities for you to take time for you and look within by using our incredible gifts to taste, touch, hear, smell and see. The work we do within allows us to explore and open ourselves to what’s outside. Dive in deeper with us. We’ve got you.


Lie down, relax and enjoy the glowing radiance that flows through and around you with candles, soft sounds, crystals and relaxing oils. Reiki treats you, as a whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, safety and wellbeing. The healing comes from the universal energy which is transmitted through hands by focusing on the main energy centres of the body, bringing them into alignment so they work in harmony together.

Cacao Ceremonies

A cacao ceremony is the consumption of a warm chocolate drink in its purest form to elevate mood and connect deep with yourself and others. It is held by a qualified practitioner who can hold a safe space for self-exploration, emotional release, and community building, appealing to a broad spectrum of individuals, opening the heart and elevating consciousness.

Sound Healing

Get comfy, lie down, relax and prepare yourself to slow down. Soothe the mind and heal the body using specially infused alchemy and quartz crystal bowls unique and connected to our patch of earth. Allow yourself to access a higher state of consciousness by sinking into a state of deep relaxation that gives you the space and time you deserve.

Essential Oil Workshops

Cat is passionate about educating people on low tox living to develop a proactive lifestyle. Essential oil workshops may focus on skincare, cooking with food grade essential oils, green cleaning, essential oils for health & wellbeing or an amalgamation of some of these subjects. You will learn what an essential oil is, how they are produced and experience some of the key oils that may be used on a daily basis. There will be a practical element of making a product to take away with you, depending on the topic of essential oil use.


Join us at a Breathwork workshop to discover exercises and techniques for physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Learn breathing patterns, conscious control and the therapeutic effects of breathwork to support emotional states such as relaxation, meditation, stress relief, calmness, and clarity.


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