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Unfold the captivating history of times gone by, the rich heritage of the Jurassic Coast and the Marshwood Vale, in an area that has been universally recognised and protected due to the astounding beauty of its landscapes, coastlines, hills and history.
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The name Wootton Fitzpaine derives from ‘wodetone’: meaning a ‘wooded place’, and ‘Fitzpaine’: the manorial family of the village. Farming has existed here for millennia and the life force of many years past is unequivocally and exquisitely intertwined in the land on which we reside.

The gentle scurries of small creatures throughout the woodlands send whispers of ancient trees, planted long ago. The hillside is shaped, carved, by the horse-drawn implements of centuries past and the dry stone walls that were once the humble refuge for many a farmer, still stand, steadfast.

The history of this area lies deep, embedded with ancient tracks, sculpted by the woods, pastureland, tilled earth and ever-changed by thousands of years of settlement by humans.

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From the Iron age to the Norman Landing

From stone-age artifacts, ancient beasts and primitive farming techniques, to sling-shot battles, native tribes and Viking raiders, this land has been long inhabited, long desired by Kings, Jarls and tribesmen alike, and its inhabitants conquered many times over.

The history of West Dorset is rich and complex, steeped in the culture and shaped by the good earth. Discover more about the origins of the iron-age hillforts within walking distance of the farm, and walk the ancient tracks that once connected these bustling villages of old on our Louma Journal.


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