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A Retreat to call home for a while and a place that brings land, food, people, culture and wellness together in the most magical way.
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Reconnect with body and mind and revitalise your senses.

We believe life is a balance: eating, moving and thinking well. These three pillars guide us through a season of wellness, allowing us awareness in all things good.

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well

Everything we do at Louma is led by the idea that wellness comes first. We believe that, by being well, we can make impactful, positive change around us, whilst feeling content and fulfilled by the simplest pleasures. Our founders, Louis and Emma, created a place where this can be shared; where gardens meet animals, meet woodlands, meet vines, meet old ways, meet new. A place where there is no expectation other than to simply be you.

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Discover our Facilities

We have everything you could need to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. Our Wellness Barn provides pools, sauna and a fully equipped gym, with spaces to unfurl in tranquility. Our Main Barn is the hive of the farm and offers food and bar options throughout the day. Our Cow Barn, with a vista over the vineyard, is perfect for cosy dinners, whilst our historic Guppy Barn may give you a glimpse of a tawny owl. Scattered around the rest of the site, hide huts, seating spots, and walkways await you.


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