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Our wellbeing practitioners have a created a range of signature treatments, designed to bring you peace and ease, whilst resetting and relaxing your body. Put yourself in our hands, with holistic treatments available from head to toe, our massage therapists use aromatherapy and oils infused with Louma-grown florals and herbs to deepen and enhance your experience. Stimulating your system, their healing hands relieve knots and tension, improve skin tone and reduce stress. Massage benefits body and mind together and our signature treatments use natural, seasonal elements to amplify your wellness. Our treatments take place in our calming Massage Huts, built by hand in the Blackdown Hills and designed with your complete tranquillity in mind.

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Developed in collaboration with three incredible female-owned small businesses our Wellness Products have been hand-crafted, using ingredients that reflect our values and are designed to nourish you, body and soul. All our products contain an element or ingredient that is reflected in our 100 acres, from our herb gardens and bee hives to our hemp field. Our current collection features Rosemary as the signature essential oil, chosen because of its calming and highly beneficial qualities, promoting your wellness through herbal medicine. Each year, this will change to reflect the ever-changing seasons and life-cycle of Louma.

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Swedish Massage | 60 minutes £70

Using medium pressure to help relax your body into a truly tranquil state, our massage therapist will work into tense muscles, with a combination of techniques, such as kneading, knuckling and effleurage. Helping to increase circulation to the area and release built-up tension, our sumptuous Swedish Massage is guaranteed to leave you feeling renewed and energised, improving your overall health and wellness.

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Hot Stone Massage | 60 minutes £70

This centuries old practice allows you to sink into the warmth of our deeply indulgent Hot Stone Massage, nourishing your wellbeing and soothing the nervous system. Benefitting rheumatic and arthritic pain, depression, circulation, and sleep, this treatment is designed to ease muscle tension, ease stress and stimulate blood circulation.

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Full Body Massage | 60 minutes £70

Lean into whole-body comfort with our Full Body Massage. Promoting relaxation and well-being, our therapist uses manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues, initiating healing process that nurtures your relaxation and nourishes you head-to-toe, leaving you feeling grounded and centred.

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Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage | 60 minutes £70

Our signature oils are used with holistic techniques to release tension and help soothe tight and sore muscles, whilst improving blood flow and easing your body into a gentle, relaxed state. This massage applies pressure to muscles to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from stressed areas.

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Facial Treatment | 60 minutes £70

Like a big drink of water for your skin, our hydrating and nourishing Facial is a non-invasive treatment that cleanses, moisturises and exfoliates, leaving you feeling completely refreshed. Our practitioner will use a myriad of feel-good techniques, including lymphatic drainage and acupressure to brighten and sooth your skin.


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