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Immersed in Nature

Connect with the land, explore wild woods, tranquil waters, and the soft buzz of life unfolding at each turn.
  • louma farm chickens and coop

Animal Therapy

Connect with another energy. Find pleasure in watching our Light Sussex hens scratch in the long grass, take a walk amongst our small flock of Poll Dorset sheep and their lambs, or tune into the breath and strength of our horses. Syncing oneself with another species can provide a new perspective, offer a new pace and remind us of our place within the wider world.

  • Water


Water is a powerful healer. Hydrating, calming, enveloping, it has the ability to rinse us of stress and tensions, physical, mental and emotional. The connection between us as humans and water, in all its forms, is profound. We have a biological link, said to strengthen environmental conscientiousness in addition to personal wellness. Whether you dip or dive, water slows you down, retreating to a place where you are suspended for a time, alone with your breath for as long as you wish. Every inch has something to offer.

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